Small Radar Dragon & Jump Fish


Small Radar Dragon & Jump Fish

Small Radar Dragon is one of the smallest dragons in the world,  it is two-colored creature with swiveling ears and large cat-like eyes. They are sensitive with fast speed, just like the spirit of the jungle. And they have short, narrow wings with insects-like veins, each with three feathery tips. Small Radar Dragon has the single diet, mainly eating fish for food, kind of jumping fish, and the prey way is like the kingfisher.

The Jump Fish with long snout is an amphibious fish with strong vitality and its eggs with extremely high temperature resistance. They live in a super lake with crystallization in high temperature and melting in low temperature all the year round. The lake often condenses and bursts due to the sharp change of temperature. Small Radar Dragon likes to pick up fishes that are frozen in crystal pieces, as if that's can brings some special tastes!


Radar Dragon:10 W x 12 D x 21 L cm
Jump Fish: 3.5 W x 4.5 D x 13.5 L cm
Exquisitely detailed paint
Themed dispaly antique base
Edition Size:50

Estimated shipping: 2020 Q4

Price: $890 USD