Pea Weasel


"Origin" represents the combination of imaginary and authentic animals from nature.

This style of art from David Zhou presents a virtual animal world, following the concept of "The Origin of Species." By continuing to add more animals from exotic lands, skies and oceans, we will explore a rich world with their lifestyle and environmental roles. David Zhou is a traditional animal sculptor and designer of imaginary animals who lives in Shanghai with his family.

"Sheng" Series: Pea weasel

Pea weasel is one of the smallest type of weasels, with large head and short feet. Generally speaking, male weasel has a body length of 10cm-15cm, tail length of 6-7cm, while female weasels are even smaller. Its body is moist and smooth all year round, with grayish furs. The closed part of its tail is hairless and smooth, forming light-green folds. Pea Weasels are widely spread in the evergreen broad-leaf forest.

Pea Weasels are nocturnal animals. In the daytime, they prefer sleeping in the giant "fat peas" pods. Even if the fruits are ripe, the huge pods can still be hung in the branches for a year, which provides the most suitable habitat for pea weasels.Pea weasel can seal the empty pod with its adhesive tail so that no one will interfere with its sleep. Pea weasel mainly feed on small insects and fish, but it also eats fruit. Its character is sensitive and gentle, and it does not have smelly glands.

Specifications:•Bamboo Collection box Approximately 4.5 inches.

•Exquisitely detailed hand paint.

•Themed display stand.

•Each piece is signed by Artist David Zhou under the base.

•Limited in production to 500 units worldwide

Price: $299.00