Hermit Tortoise


Hermit Tortoise

Origin- Sheng

The rare Hermit Tortoise bears a spiral-shaped shell, with its two front legs exposed, like the claws of a hermit crab. They burrow through the desert with their four claws, with the strongest and most dominant growing in a curved shape. The shell of the Hermit Tortoise is a bright green, contrasted with red, with a gray-blue sheen along its edge. The green budlike protuberances dotted across the shell grow continuously like vegetation, providing sparks of light amid the dull monotony of the desert.


• Bamboo Collection box Approximately 4.5 inches.
• Exquisitely detailed hand paint.
• Hand Made Glass Eyes.
• Themed display stand.
• Each piece is signed by Artist David Zhou under      the base.
• Only 199 sets Available for International
• Shipping December 2020