Arhat Treefrog


Arhat Treefrog

Origin- Sheng

The Arhat Treefrog thrives in the moist canopies of the rainforests. It's recognized by its light purple head sporting mushroom-shaped protuberances, contrasting a light green body. The Arhat Treefrog's plump body makes it more likely to crawl among the branches than leap. Is it lazy? Perhaps. Its mushroomesque horns serve to attract prey, while at the same time acting as a distraction when faced with predators, and even falling off if necessary.


• Bamboo Collection box Approximately 4.5 inches.
• Exquisitely detailed hand paint.
• Hand Made Glass Eyes.
• Themed display stand.
• Each piece is signed by Artist David Zhou under      the base.
• Only 199 sets Available for International
• Shipping December 2020