Demon Clameleon


Complete set of 4 plus Demon Chameleon

Origin- Other

This set includes the Arhat Treefrog, Bloom Python, Chief Gecko, Hermit Tortoise and the exclusvie Demon Chameleon. The Demon Chameleon is renowned for its unique "demon horn." It has two pairs of horns upon its head, gradually merging into a single heart shape of blue and purple, and occasionally green. Legend states that the Demon Chameleon hungers for a kind of illusory "blue fruit," indulging in it if possible. Why? Some say it makes the Demon Chameleon's body even more colorful. Only the Demon knows for sure... 


• Bamboo Collection box Approximately 4.5 inches.
• Exquisitely detailed hand paint.
• Hand Made Glass Eyes.
• Themed display stand.
• Each piece is signed by Artist David Zhou under      the base.
• Only 99 sets Available for International
• Shipping December 2020