Crown Lizard


Crown Lizard


Crown Lizard,Agaminae (Agaminae), is a brightly colored lizard located on the Africa which body is mainly blue, with some white on its abdomen and turquoise chin. And its body length is about 14cm,Its limbs are strong, with well-developed claws, and its body is covered with scales and spines. The males have a pair of large antler-like horns behind their ears, which are used to compete for females during the breeding season. The males with the strongest horns also have a sense of superiority over the world.Crown Lizards mostly live in desert rocky areas. They are mainly herbivorous, some times they also prey on little insects. They are also called "April lizards". When the rainy season in April comes to an end and the male's color reaches the most brilliant, they will go out of the cave to seek a mate and start a "fighting arena" on the rock.



• Approximately 16 W x 17 D x 23.5 L cm
• Exquisitely detailed paint
• Themed dispaly antique base
• Edition Size: 199
• Estimated shipping: 2021 Q4
• Price: $699 USD