Nautilus Beetle (Light)


Nautilus Beetle 

Origin- Sheng

The most special feature of Nautilus Beetle is that their back wings are bare, rather than hidden under the elytra. In addition, their huge nautilus-like head armor and hidden breastplate are also a major feature. They are aggressive, have a pair of strong upper jaws and horns, and are good at pinching and throwing opponents. They  are a kind of color-changing beetle that can present two completely different colors at night and day. They are metallic dark brown at night, and gradually turns into a brilliant green-orange color when the dawn begins.


• Bamboo Collection box Approximately 4.5 inches.
• Exquisitely detailed hand paint.
• Themed display stand.
• Each piece is signed by Artist David Zhou under      the base.
• Limited in production to 99 pieces worldwide!
• Shipping December 2021.