Desert Dragon


These small land dragons are ovoviviparous. They live in deserts, thriving in the semi-arid climate. It has a narrow and thin shape; the head is an obvious shape of sharp triangle, the body is dominated by khaki with white and brown spots, and the tail and the crown are often decorated with light green. A small number of Desert Dragons can clearly show variations of body color, particularly showing a blue color.

The feeding habits of Desert Dragons are varied, ranging from dried seeds to insects and lizards. They are good at flying over short distances. They are agile and extremely sensitive to the vibration of the surrounding air and the ground. In general, they mostly lurk in the gravel with only the exposed crown and tail swinging slowly. Their crowns can secrete an aromatic substance to attract potential prey, to be hunted by them later at the proper time.


Approximately 16 inches in height.
Approximately 8 inches in width.
Approximately 8 inches in depth.
Exquisitely detailed paint.
Themed display antique base.
Each piece is signed by artist David Zhou under the base.
Limited in production to 299 pieces worldwide.
Estimated shipping: 2018 Q2.

Price: $850 USD (Cutoff date Feb 15th, 2018)