The Harpy, also known as the Fairy, was recently discovered in the deep rainforest of central and south America. They have a human-like head, small body resembled hummingbird. Its body covered by bright metal color feathers, while its tail feathers are narrow. The color of individuals are vitally different. Their wings are long and wide, which is capable of flying, while it still retain the flexibility of the fingernails and knuckles, allowing them to engage in a variety of activities.


The Harpy mainly eat nectar as food. Female body is larger. They exist in the form of matriarchal tribes. Supposedly predating humans, the species is a very ancient tribal creature with incredible sculptural and casting skills. Each harpy has a flying mask with a slender, downward curving siphon on the front to help it successfully suck up nectar. It is closely related to the life of a plant called murrinia. The color of this plant makes it looks like a leaf, which has fat texture, with only one root. It has a strong vitality that they can also survive once they left the soil. The harpy would carry it high into the treetops and weave it into a cozy sleeping quarter. Harpy have their own tribal totems. Since humans entered this continent, they have also changed their way of life. Their attitude towards human changed from curiosity and learning to worship, and thus human images begin to appear more in totems.



Approximately 16.2 inches in height.

Approximately 6.3 inches in width.

Exquisitely detailed paint.

The themed display antique base with the metal plaque.

Each piece is signed by Artist David Zhou under the base.

Limited in production to 299 pieces worldwide.

Estimated shipping: 2019 Q4.


Price: $890 USD



EARLY BIRD EXCLUSIVE (Effective till Apr 26th, 2019): Will come with the exclusive bundle bonus: Totems Flying mask holder.

REGULAR VERSION (From Apr 27th, 2019, to cutoff date: May 20th)

*IMPORTANT* The Early Bird and Regular Version may be closed anytime without advance notice when it reaches our edition size. We will not do a second run, so don't miss out!